The only way to discover the answer to the question “who am I” is by continuously saying, “I am not, I am not.” Because at the end of the rabbit-hole of “I am not” remains what you actually are.
— OnenO

i am oneno

OnenO - formerly Kevin Hastings - is an artist with an unmatched career. Growing up in the humble nature of the pacific northwest, OnenO's roots in music and meditation go deep. His study in music began as a toddler and by high school his training on the piano included classical, jazz, gospel, rock, and show-tunes. After moving to Los Angeles in 2005 to attend music college, his career took off quickly. OnenO's passions for synthesis gave him his unique sound as a master programmer of keyboards

Oneno has performed live on stage with these incredible artists:

  • rihanna

  • tom morello


  • liz phair

  • a$ap rocky

  • chris brown

  • eminem

  • jay-z

  • adam lambert




  • NE-YO




  • Kendrick Lamar


and then . . . everything changed

The transformation began in 2011 and there was no going back. Something began to stir in Kevin that began to change every aspect of his being. In the fall of 2012 he found yoga and the path to self realization began in a tangible way. In the spring of 2014 Kevin enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training through In-Yoga Center in Los Angeles. He completed the 200 hour training but the real transformation had just begun. Over the next year his focus began to shift. He began to wrestle with the ideas of how to combine his passions for music and meditation.  

Meditation became the forefront after the Yoga Teacher Training. Kevin began hosting full moon guided meditations at his house in the summer of 2014. They became popular quickly and initiated another transformation in Kevin. His passion for guiding people into what he calls "The Peaceful Kingdom Within" is obvious in his tone and presence in his meditations. He believes in the centering and awakening of the heart. All else falls into place when the heart is known as it is supposed to be known; the center of consciousness.

enter oneno

OnenO. It is not a person. OnenO is not an identity. It is an idea. A concept. OnenO is a word that is whole and complete in it's own nature. The root of the word is the number one. Then Kevin created a palindrome which means it is a word that can be read either forwards or backwards. Thus creating a circle, a sphere of wholeness. And one may feel the wholeness of the word when they sound it out with their own mouths. It is pronounced "Oh-nin-Oh". But then slur together the sounds a little bit more. And now you've got it. 

Oneness is the true nature of this vibrational existence we share. Oneness is the true nature of all visually separate phenomenon. Energy is the foundation upon which creation stands. And Consciousness is what calls the quantum wave to collapse into the experienced reality of the observer. Oneness - our true nature - is that of both the consciousness and the observer. The upanishads of ancient india say it like this, "Tat Tvam Asi" which means "You Are It." And IT is you. That which you are observing is you and you are not separate from it. To summarize even further, your consciousness is not located within your body, but rather your body is located within your consciousness. And we are one in the same inside that field of consciousness. This is where the phrase "oneness in sound" generates its meaning. Sound is vibration and it is through this vibrational field that we are one.

Let creation begin

OnenO's passion, as the being that has transformed from Kevin into OnenO, is to share conscious music into the ear drums of humanity so that all may be happy and free. His process of awakening is encoded, like a journal, in each song he writes. He recognizes himself to be neither Kevin nor OnenO. He is the transmitter of the universe here to shine Light upon all whom he encounters. Peace is his true nature and it is the gift he offers all beings. It is his gift to offer the world at this time. And he offers it through his music and his meditation experiences


By supporting OnenO - by purchasing any of his offerings or by donating - you are helping to create a positive change in the world at large. You are helping to support an independent artist with no label distribution. No financial backers. OnenO's art is entirely funded with the donations that come from his loyal family of fans. By supporting his art you support his life's mission which is to raise the level of consciousness on the planet at this time through uplifting music and art in general. OnenO needs your support to see this mission of creating peace on earth through to completion. Music and meditation are two extremely powerful mediums for deep social change. And they are the two passions of OnenO.

Peace :)