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The Miracle Moment Retreat

The Miracle Moment Retreat



(Space is limited)

Apply here or At The Bottom ►


The Miracle Moment Retreat

The Miracle Moment Retreat



(Space is limited)

Apply here or At The Bottom ►


The Miracle Moment Retreat

A Holistic Retreat for Artists, Producers & Songwriters with Master Classes in
Music Production and Performance using Ableton Live & Push.

August 2nd – 7th, 2018

Mentorship by OnenO & Alluxe - the artists behind the shows of Rihanna, Kanye West, KSHMR, Lady Gaga, Tom Morello and many more.


Hotel El Ganzo
San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

Space is limited to 16 participants
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  • Production and Mixing Techniques
  • Synthesis Techniques
  • Translate Music from the Studio to the Stage
  • Imaginative Sound Design
  • Daily Guided Meditations to Explore Mindfulness, Silence, and Creativity
  • Collaboration Opportunities
  • Live Performance by OnenO and Alluxe at The Rooftop Venue

Package Includes:

  • 5-nights at Hotel El Ganzo in Luxury King accommodations
  • Airport Transportation
  • Breakfast & Lunch at Hotel El Ganzo’s Restaurants
  • Opening Night and Closing Night Group Dinners
  • Use of “The Underground” Recording Studio
  • Master Classes with OnenO and Alluxe


*** Discount Pricing Available for ASCAP Members. Pricing Below.

OnenO Casey Moore Photo SMALL.jpg

Who is OnenO?

Who is OnenO??

Who is OnenO?

Who is OnenO??


OnenO - formerly Kevin Hastings - is an artist with an unmatched career. Growing up in the humble nature of the pacific northwest, OnenO's roots in music and meditation go deep. His study in music began as a toddler and by high school his training on the piano included classical, jazz, gospel, rock, and show-tunes. After moving to Los Angeles in 2005 to attend music college, his career took off quickly. OnenO's passion for synthesis gave him his unique sound as a master programmer of keyboards and solidified his career in LA as the go-to guy for keyboards and live tracks.

Over the past 14 years OnenO has performed live with - and been music director for - some of the music industries biggest names including Rihanna, Eminem, KSHMR, Adam Lambert, Miguel, and more. He has performed on such television shows as Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Conan O'Brien Show, The Late Show With David Letterman, The Ellen Degeneres Show; to only name a few. 

In 2014 OnenO went through a 200-hour yoga teacher training which opened up the door for his exploration in teaching guided meditation. He has 50+ free guided meditations via his YouTube channel and he designed a course entitled "21 Days of Meditation With OnenO" which demystifies meditation for the beginner. OnenO credits meditation and yoga for his calm mental state and depth of creativity.

OnenO has performed live with these incredible artists:







  • Travis Barker


  • JAY-Z




  • Jason Darulo

  • Fall Out Boy


  • NE-YO


  • LP



  • zedd


Who is Alluxe?

Who is Alluxe??

Who is Alluxe?

Who is Alluxe??


Alluxe - aka Laura Escudé - went from the being the world’s first Ableton Live Certified Trainer to being the first to implement the software in some of the most prestigious live shows all over the globe. As CEO and Founder of Electronic Creatives, Alluxe put her music programming, DJ and controllerist skills to use training programmers and playback engineers for Logic, The Weeknd, Iggy Azalea, Charli XCX, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Porter Robinson and many more. 

Now, she focuses her pioneering spirit on empowering others to not only follow in her footsteps, but to forge their own path forward, building a community of top-performing professionals around the high-level expertise and uncompromising work ethic that precipitated her success.

Her huge sound and fashion-forward look is complimented by her alluring stage presence complete with custom LED controllers, vocals and violin. She never fails to impress as she blends original compositions, improvised beats, and violin loops seamlessly. 

Her signature sound fuses hip hop and bass music to create a unique style of forward thinking electronic music. Her production skills have earned her commissioned remixes for M83, Polica, and Mr. Hudson, and her violin can be heard on albums by Big Grams, Watch The Throne, Hit Boy, Sage Francis and more.

Alluxe has worked with these incredible artists:

  • Logic

  • The Weekend

  • Porter Robinson

  • m83

  • Robert Rich

  • Big grams

  • Sage Francis

  • Miguel

  • Garbage

  • Charli XCX

  • Polica

  • Funkstorung

  • Watch The Throne

  • Iggy Azalea

  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  • Kiesza

  • Mr. Hudson

  • Machinedrum

  • Hit Boy


Retreat Description

A Holistic Retreat for Producers, Performers, and Songwriters who want to deepen their knowledge of Ableton Live & Push.

Retreat Description

A Holistic Retreat for Producers, Performers, and Songwriters who want to deepen their knowledge of Ableton Live & Push.

We are preparing artists for the moment they are on stage, live in front of an audience. It is in this moment that, with enough preparation, miracles can happen

OnenO with KSHMR and Live Orchestra @ Sunburn Music Festival - Pune, India - 2017 OnenO is the Music Director for KSHMR's Live Orchestra.

OnenO with KSHMR and Live Orchestra @ Sunburn Music Festival - Pune, India - 2017
OnenO is the Music Director for KSHMR's Live Orchestra.

About The Miracle Moment Retreat

This retreat is geared toward Artists, Producers, and Songwriters who seek to deepen their skills in music production and live performance. Participation requires a level of proficiency that will be assessed in the application process. Applications Deadline is July 15th, 2018.

The mentors, OnenO and Alluxe, perform at the highest level and with the titans of the music industry. They understand the preparation necessary to create a exceptional performance. In addition to a focus on the technical aspects, they will also be focusing on developing the mind-set necessary to perform at their level. Through daily, guided meditation, OnenO and Alluxe will show you how to cultivate greater ease, confidence, and peace. 

This retreat also strives to create opportunities for artists to grow their community and make new creative connections. Hotel El Ganzo has a music studio, “The Underground,” that will be available to the participants - outside of the daily Master Class - so that organic collaborations can develop. Participants retain all rights to works created at Hotel El Ganzo.

Finally, Hotel El Ganzo is a boutique Arts hotel with both Music and Visual artist Artist-in-Residence programs. You will be immersed in artistry, natural beauty, and tranquility. 
There will be ample time for you to enjoy the rest and relaxation you need to operate in your highest creative capacity. The staff of El Ganzo will be there to make you feel cared-for at every turn. 

Photos of El Ganzo Hotel & Studio

Pricing & Application Info:

$2,725 USD
Participation limited to 16 participants
$2,600 USD - Exclusively For ASCAP Members
(*Please enter your ASCAP IPI Number in the application)

One-on-One sessions with OnenO or Alluxe
may be purchased for an additional $250.00 per session

Applications due by July 15th
Payment Due within 72 hours of Acceptance
Payment plans may be arranged on a case-by-case basis
Partial Refunds for Cancellations before June 30th
Non-Refundable after June 30th

All payments will be processed by Larger Audience Digital Media LLC (LAMM)

For more information please email us

Application form

Please fill out all fields of the application. We are accepting applications for artists, producers and songwriters who have intermediate level experience in their craft. Give brief answers that describe your level proficiency in your craft.

Name *
Please check all that apply to you... *
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If you checked multiple DAWs please tell us which one you use the most
If you have none, please specify that...
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want One-on-One mentoring with OnenO and / or Alluxe, is that included in the package?

Individual One-on-One sessions with OnenO or Alluxe are available as their schedules permit and for an additional cost. You can coordinate this directly with either of them. Price per session is $250.00.

  • Is this an All-Inclusive Package? What meals are included?

No. But it’s MOSTLY inclusive. We know that you are going to want to explore and enjoy some of Cabo’s amazing restaurants. So, dinners on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night are NOT included. Breakfasts and Lunches are included for Friday – Monday. Thursday night and Monday night dinners – with the whole group – are included. Don’t worry; you’ll get a schedule.

  • Are you offering a payment plan?

Yes. If you send us an email then we can open a dialogue with you about our payment plan options. However, our request is that you prepare cost for attendance as soon as your application is accepted. 

  • How do I get from the Airport to the Hotel?

Airport transportation to and from the hotel is included. We will be coordinating this for you.

  • My friend would love this place! May I bring a guest?

Yes. You can totally share the room with a traveling companion. However, each retreat participant must purchase one room package. Your companion or guest is not eligible for the meal package, cannot participate in retreat activities, nor can they access the recording studio. But, they will love it. You should bring your friend.

  • 5 nights is not enough. May I stay extra nights?

Yes. You may stay extra nights PRIOR to the retreat and at an incredibly discounted room rate of $190USD per night. Taxes and resort fees apply. Unfortunately, the Hotel is sold out for the nights following the retreat, so we are not able to extend your stay past August 8th. But if you LOVE El Ganzo - and would like to return before December 16th – we will happily extend preferential rates to you.

  • How many hours of classes and how many hours of free time?

You will have approximately 3-4 hours of scheduled activities throughout the day. You are free to enjoy the resort and collaborate with other participants at your leisure. 

  • Can I record in The Underground Studio?

We are trying to make the studio available to all participants. There will be a sign up for time in the studio and awarded on a first come / first served basis. There will also be a Suite available for you to use for collaborations. 

  • It’s after June 30th and I have an emergency, may I cancel and get a refund?

We regret that we cannot grant a refund after June 30th. 

  • When is payment due? This is confusing.

Payment is due within 72 hours of Acceptance. If you apply and are accepted before June 30th, then you are within the cancellation window that allows refunds.If you apply and are accepted after June 30th, then you cannot be refunded should you have to cancel for any reason.

  • Why am I paying Larger Audience Digital Media LLC?

LAMM (Larger Audience Digital Media LLC) is the subcontractor to Hotel El Ganzo and is owned by Mark Rudin, the Music Director for the Hotel. This retreat is facilitated by LAMM. 

  • Will the Hotel have any ownership of the Masters or Copyright of the work I create there?

No. Never. Absolutely not. The Hotel has a long history with artists and will not seek to interfere with ownership and rights. That said, any agreements for collaborations are solely created by the parties involved. The hotel is not involved.

What are you waiting for???

Sign up now!! Space is limited. We are only accepting 16 applications so get yours in early!! We are looking forward to collaborating with you at The Miracle Moment Retreat.