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Congratulations on completing your 21 Days of Meditation!
Watch this video to learn about how to continue your practice:

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well that's it... you're on your own!

Amazing! How good do you feel right now?? I am incredibly excited for you. This new routine will benefit your life in the most unexpected ways. Allow your practice to change and morph over time. Keep it fun and enjoyable. Make it playful. Don't take meditation to seriously. Use it as it should be used; a practice of Self-care. Whenever you are feeling out-of-wack use meditation to bring balance into your emotional state. Commit to giving your Self conscious relaxation through the process of meditation and your life will unfold with beautiful synchronicities of wholeness

set a timer

click to open iPhone app store...

click to open iPhone app store...

One more thing. Here is a beautiful iPhone app that I use as a meditation timer. It is called "i-Qi Clock" and you can find it HERE. I am not endorsed by this app, I am just a fan. Explore the app for yourself. You can use it to set a timer for however long. You can choose from a wide variety of tibetan singing bowls for chimes as well as other sounds. Once I set up my 15 minute timer (which chimes a tibetan singing bowl three times when completed) all I have to do is open the app and hit start. Then I sit back and enjoy my meditation without the constraints of having to pay attention to the time. I let the app do that for me. Happy meditating!! :)

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Thank you once again for allowing me to guide you in meditation!

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