Happy #MeditationMonday Family!

Let's take it back to the basics, shall we?
What could possibly be more "basic" and central to our meditation practice than awakening our heart and living from this space?

Today we dive right in to our heart's center. We will focus our attention on the breath and it's interaction with the tiny, infinite space in our hearts. We will connect with Mother Earth below and Father Sky above. This will remind you of your true identity; The Divine Child. This remembrance brings balance and coherence. When you feel these states you will discover the peaceful kingdom within

In other news, I released a brand new song this week titled, "Love is worth fighting for." I am very excited to share it with you so I have added it below the #MeditationMonday video. Enjoy :)

Awakening The Heart

New Music: "Love is Worth Fighting For" Featuring Kait Weston

Oneness In Sound