Heaven & Earth

Today for #MeditationMonday we explore my favorite meditation titled the "heaven and earth" meditation. It is a meditation designed to root you within your true identity as the Divine Child. Below your feet is the Earth which is personified as the Divine Feminine. Above your head is the heavens, or the sky, and it is personified as the Divine Masculine. When we tap into both of these energies we find a deep sense of balance and well being. Additionally we are reminded of our true place in the Universe and our identity as the Divine Child is fully remembered. You are the merging of these two creative energies

As a reminder, this week is the final #MeditationMonday of 2017. I will do one more meditation on December 21st for the winter solstice. I encourage you to revisit any and all of these meditations - which can be found on my youtube channel or on my blog - to continue your exploration with meditation. I am still here to answer any questions about your meditation practice and would be happy to give advice. Thank you for coming along this journey with me and I hope you have benefited from meditation as much as I have. 

Have a beautiful week! Much love to you along your journey

Heaven & Earth

Oneness In Sound