How Imagination Creates Your Reality

Let's talk about a book called "Awakened Imagination" by Neville Goddard. I have been reading this over the past week or so. It is a short yet powerful book! It busts apart preconceived notions about what the imagination is, what the bible has to say about it and what the message of Christ was really all about.

Join me in an open discussion about how to use our imaginations to tap into the Divine Intelligence that is within us. Now is the time to create a new reality of Peace, Health and Happiness.

In the video I breakdown how I interpret this quote by Neville in the book:

“The world which is described from observation is a manifestation of the mental activity of the observer. When man discovers that his world is his own mental activity made visible, that no man can come unto him except he draws him, and that there is no one to change but himself, his own imaginative self, his first impulse is to reshape the world in the image of his ideal.”

How Imagination Creates Your Reality

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