Happy #MeditationMonday Fam!

The white meditation is a simple visualization designed to bring about peace of mind and coherence of energy. It is a visual tool to help bring you into a direct experience of The Peaceful Kingdom Within

The meditation will take place in six steps:

  1. Envision the space you are in.
  2. Turn each object to white like porcelain.
  3. Make each object transparent like glass.
  4. All objects dissolve to reveal only white light.
  5. Silent Meditation.
  6. Come back one stage at a time.

Enjoy the process and let your imagination do the work. Relax into this experience. Allow your mind to still and focus on the light within the form. This is where you will find your true Spiritual Nature. Divinity is in your DNA

Leave a comment down below and let me know how you connect with the meditation. I would love to hear about your experience. Enjoy the meditation!!

The White Meditation

Oneness In Sound