Happy Solar Eclipse!!

How cool is it that #MeditationMonday aligns perfectly with the solar eclipse. What a beautiful synchronicity.

The solar eclipse is when the moon 🌝 passes in front of the sun 🌞 and it gives us a perfect analogy of balancing our two halves; the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. The moon is like the female and the sun is like the male. It is always a beautiful occasion when these two energies balance perfectly. As above, so below.

Let us mimic Nature and balance our internal energies. In the meditation we will tap into the energy of Mother Earth to connect with the Divine Feminine. We will then tap into the energy of Father Sky to connect with the Divine Masculine. Our true identity is then revealed as the balancing point of these two energies; you are the Divine Child.

Enjoy the meditation. Use this powerful day to your advantage and co-create a reality full of intention. Choose joy, happiness, health, wealth, love and abundance!


Solar Eclipse - Heart Awakening

Oneness In Sound