It's Monday, you know what that means! #MeditationMonday!

Let's try something a bit more physical. I find the practice of syncing movement with breath to be incredibly helpful in establishing a state of meditation. We can use the simultaneous focus of breath and movement to sharpen our awareness and quiet down our chattering mind

The Eagle's Breath Meditation will go like this: on the inhale, you will sweep your arms out to the sides and up over head. At the top of the inhale your hands will meet, palms will touch and you will begin to exhale. As you breath out your hands will move down your mid line toward your heart and continuing on all the way to the ground. The movement will repeat on the following inhale. After a few minutes of connecting breath and movement you will feel a deep shift in your awareness.

I'll see you in the video. Have a beautiful week!!

Eagle's Breath Meditation

Oneness In Sound