Happy Summer Solstice!

This Wednesday is June 21, 2017 and that marks the summer solstice of this year. Now is the time for vibrant energy and ease of manifestation. As we move forward into the next few months it will be through this wave of summer energy. Everything that has been frozen and stale has officially passed away only to be reborn with the energy of the summer

This #MeditationMonday uses the "eagle's breath" as a form of breath control (pranayama). Linking breath and movement is a powerful way to center our minds and bring about a state of effortless focus. I will explain the meditation and it's movements more in depth in the audio. 

Also, ONLY FOR THE NEXT 2 WEEKS, the "21 Days of Meditation" course is now available on my PATREON page starting at the $2 tier. This limited time offer will end on July 5th, 2017. So if you have been thinking about expanding your meditation practice, now is the time to jump on that course. More details in the video. 


Have a beautiful week!! 

(Solstice) Eagle's Breath

Oneness In Sound