• What is it?

  • How do I know if my third eye is open?

  • What are some personality traits of individuals with open third eyes?

Today we are diving deep into the conversation about the mystical third eye. It is said that this energetic chakra - which is located in the middle of your physical head - when opened, leads to a deeper level of intuition. We begin to experience greater levels of synchronicity in our lives. Our perception of what we call "inner space" begins to blend with "outer space." We start to see the world around us like a 3-dimensional mirror reflecting back to us what is going on within

Let's talk more specifically about how to know if your's is open. And let's discuss personality traits of individuals who have an open and balanced third eye. There are some tell-tale signs of this happening in someone's life. 

Enjoy the video. Leave a comment with any questions!


Third Eye Demystified

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