Hello Family, It's #MeditationMonday!!

This week we use a form of breath control to enter the meditative state. In Sanskrit, the word for breath control is "pranayama." "Prana" is life force energy and "yama" translates to "self-control." 

It is known in the west through the tradition of science that when we control our breath - more specifically our diaphragm - we activate the parasympethectic nervous system. This is known as our "cool down response" as opposed to the "fight or flight response." 

It is no secret that when we control our breath we find more clarity of mind and peace in our hearts. Let's dive deep together simply by counting our inhales and exhales. As always, I'd love to hear a comment from you to know how you connected with the meditation. 

Have a beautiful week Family!!

Counted Breath (Pranayama)

Oneness In Sound