Happy #MeditationMonday Family!!

Let's do something different.

This week I was inspired by a more visual style of meditation. We haven't done much "energy work" together in the sense of envisioning spheres of energy. I find this form of visualization to be quite relaxing.

There is this idea of "mental coherency" that is both mystical and scientific. The idea is that both hemispheres of the brain are communicating clearly and working together with harmony. This is a state known as "mental coherence" and it's side effects are quite mystical to the average person. 

Side effects include: more creativity, heightened awareness, achievement of the "flow state," a deeper feeling of internal peace, etc... These manifestations of mental coherence are palpable and directly correlated to the state of meditation

In the meditation we will use a visualization of a sphere of light passing back and forth between your two palms. The neuroscience of this visualization is that it will bring about mental coherence simply by using your imagination.

It's pretty cool how our minds work when we know how to use them properly and for positive growth!!

Have a beautiful week Family!

Sphere of Light

Oneness In Sound