Happy #MeditationMonday!

This week was a strange week for me. My energy has been challenged in many directions at the same time. Life has called upon me to become still simply to absorb some of the change that has happened. Integration is a big part of the process. And I suck at patience. I want everything to be okay now. Or in other cases when I have gone through abrupt changes and then think I can move forward with my life without the need for integration of that experience. I think it is important to acknowledge the change, go within to find the courage to face the unknown head on and move forward along the path one step at a time

This meditation (Mother Earth / Father Sky) was taught to me in 2015. I love this meditation. It always grounds me and makes me feel clear in a short amount of time. I connect with it deeply and I hope you do too

Have a great week!

Mother Earth / Father Sky

Oneness In Sound