Happy Easter!

Happy #MeditationMonday everyone! This is a perfect time to bring up the subject of The Holy Spirit. What is it? Is it real? Or just symbolism? Were the Christians the only ones to discover the Holy Spirit?

I hope to introduce you to a more simple explanation of the Holy Spirit within you and within all things. I aim to demystify the term so that you can see what the symbol is pointing toward. Jesus introduced the people to this concept many years ago and his tradition is carried on and remembered during this time of year. He helped the people to become aware of the Holy Spirit within that is their True Self; their Divine Self. It is the bridge we use to connect (and talk) with God, the Spirit within all things

I explain in the video about the Hebrew / Christian word for the Holy Spirit (Ruakh) and show you the connection with the yogic word for Life Force Energy (Prana). The very air you breathe is the bridge, your connection to the Divine. 

So find a comfortable place to sit and breathe deep with me. Have a good week! :)

The Holy Spirit (Guided Meditation)

I found this video on YouTube this week which explains the biblical symbol of the Holy Spirit clearly, briefly and with fantastic animation for those who appreciate visual learning. It's worth the 4 minutes of your time. Trust me. 

Oneness In Sound