The focus of this week for me as been "willpower." How do you respond to the curve balls that Life throws at you? Are you flexible? Bendable? Or are you rigid? Stiff?

Sometimes, Life requests of you that you become tenacious in following your dreams. Persistence becomes the only option. When you desire to manifest something in your life it takes immense amounts of willpower to see it through to completion. The law of attraction guarantees that what is meant for us will come to us; and what is not meant for us will miss us every time. This is why it is important not to be rigid when it comes to how we approach the challenges of our lives. We call upon the willpower bestowed to us from God (Infinite Intelligence) to flow to us and through us so that we may manifest with grace and ease

Happy #MeditationMonday!! Have a great week :)


Oneness In Sound