The Counted Breath

Happy #MeditationMonday!! I am so excited share the space of meditation with you once again. 

This week was challenging for me. My emotions were tested. My life showed me such a wide spectrum of beauty and chaos. While experiencing this spectrum of life I am reminded once again of the power of slowing down my breath. When I slow down my breath, I slow down my mind. My body finds homeostasis and healing takes it natural course. Infinite Intelligence flows through me with ease

This week's meditation is a form of pranayama (breath control) known as "sama vritti" which is a counted breath. By focusing on counting our breath we will focus our minds. When we slow down our count and extend our breath we simultaneously slow down our thoughts. We find peace of mind. And that is a beautiful thing. 

See you in the video. Have a wonderful week :)

The Counted Breath

Oneness In Sound