Throat Chakra Clearing

Happy #MeditationMonday everyone!

This week I was down in Miami. I had an amazing time working with a group of musicians putting together a small orchestra to perform with an EDM (electronic dance music) artist known as KSHMR. Check out my recent instagram post to get a vibe for it. It was super fun!

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The focus of my week was on communication. I had to get seven musicians who have never played together before to perform as one unit of sound in only four days. But I was ready for this challenge. I love communicating through music. I was collaborating with five people who speak "western music" just as I was trained. The other two spoke two entirely different languages of music. One musician was a Japanese Taiko drummer and he spoke an entirely verbal language of music. So most of my words meant nothing to him. But we could speak through the universal language of rhythm. The second musician was a indian sitar player. He spoke a language of music I have never learned and through which I cannot communicate. Also, he only had a 10 note scale to work with where as "western music" has a 12 note scale to work with. Needless to say this week was full of communication and needing to speak clearly.

So I designed this week's meditation to reflect this idea. This meditation will clear your throat chakra and enable you to speak with Truth.

When we speak with clarity and coherence we experience a world of the same

Have a good week!

Throat Chakra Clearing - #MeditationMonday

Oneness in Sound