Happy Spring Equinox!!

Time To Open Your Heart 

How exciting!! This week's #MeditationMonday falls perfectly in alignment with the spring equinox. Today is officially the first day of spring and the beginning of our next phase of creation. During the winter our lives become naturally introverted. We enter the cave of hibernation. Now, in the spring, we do the opposite. We expand and come out of our caves. We awaken with the power of the Sun fueling our energy and creativity. 

For this meditation we will focus our breath and breathe right from the center of our chests. Finding and identifying with the heart center is a powerful technique to bring coherency into your mind. When you are balanced and coherent then you become a powerful magnetic being. The law of attraction can work cleanly in your life and you will manifest with ease. Health is a natural by-product of begin in alignment. 

Now is also a good time to be reminded of the Holy Spirit which moves through all beings. More modernly we refer to the Holy Spirit as "The Force" though this description is not entirely complete. The reason I prefer the term The Holy Spirit is because it is a "force" of consciousness. Meaning it is possible to have a conscious relationship with this Holy Force known as Love. The Holy Spirit is precisely how we interface with God within. This Spirit is indeed a Force of Creation, and Creation is only possible with Love; hate cannot create. Love is the most powerful Spiritual Force in the universe. We use meditation to find this Love buried deep within our Hearts. This is how we discover God within. 

Happy Spring Equinox!!! Have a good week :)

Spring Equinox - Heart Meditation

Oneness In Sound