Full Moon - Grounding Meditation

Happy #MeditationMonday!!

This week our meditation falls in alignment with the full moon. It was last night, March 12th. That means that right now the energy is high upon the planet. I really helps to take a little time to ground your energy and focus on your center. This helps your energy to flow properly and cleanly through your body/mind. When you are coherent you become very powerful. Meditation cultivates a practice of mental clarity

Remember... we are building a peaceful kingdom within. A space where The Holy Spirit enters and brings Heaven into your awareness. Peace is like a dove. Create the space for Spirit to enter and Spirit will come. In mental silence will you remember your Creator. So close to you, God is tucked away in a secret chamber of your Heart. Do you dare open the door and hear His voice?

Full Moon - Grounding Meditation

Oneness in Sound