The Sun Above

What a week it has been! We had a full moon and an eclipse. Someone else told me that a comet also passed by?? What an amazing time to be alive

With this amount of energy shifting in our atmosphere it most certainly affects us on the planet. I know I have been feeling it. For several days this week my chest felt extremely sore, as if someone had hit me in the sternum. For the first day or two I didn't think of it too much. I just observed and went on with my days. After the fourth day I began to wonder where this aching had come from? Then I remembered the eclipse and the full moon. This intense energy was pressing on and opening up my heart chakra and has been asking me to be more open to receive. 

I designed a meditation this week for both you and myself. It is a visualization of the sun directly over head and allowing this immense energy into your body. The Light Energy that is all around you and flows through you is the very energy of God. By nature this energy brings healing, rejuvenation and persistence. Let this Life Force energy - known as Prana in the Sanskrit lineage - flow consciously into you and through you. 

Have a beautiful week!

The Sun Above

Oneness in Sound