Hello friends! I made a video on the day of Donald Trumps inauguration to remind you of one simple truth; the president does not have power over the People.  

 It is not okay to use Trump as an excuse for spreading more hatred and fear. Especially because he does not have the power to enforce his views on the American People. He is only in a position of influence, not a position of rulership unless you externalize your power and hand it to him

During these extraordinary times we are called to share more Love with one another

I am currently traveling so I don't have the ability to make this blog post look pretty since I am posting from my iPhone. But the info in this video is very important. You can find the video here...



I pray for you nothing but joy, laughter and abundance throughout this next period of change. If we, The People, choose to share Love with one another then those who wish to spread hatred will be outnumbered

I am sending my Love to you who is reading these words. And may you share this Love with those in your world.  

The call of Love is upon you

Oneness in Sound

Eye am OnenO

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