An Invention Of The Mind

This week's video gets super deep, super fast! The words from the book jump off the page and impact my soul in such a profound way. I am grateful for the change happening in me through this Course In Miracles

Lesson 68 says "Love holds no grievances." Let that thought really sink in. All the pain, hurt, drama, fear, and so on, from the past, only keep you from the Light(ness) of your true Self. Who you are at your core is beyond all of those limiting ideas. It is only when you hold those thoughts in the mind that side effects like depression sit in. When you release all grievances from your mind you will once again find balance and peace within. In essence, you come back to what was always there.

Is this not the exact definition of "salvation" we are searching for? Something to release us from these hurts? Yet we seem to be waiting for the return of some savior in order to find this release. Why not discover this release now? Give this salvation to your mind and the minds of your Brothers/Sisters. Then the whole world will know peace.

Love has never left you. Fear has no reality. I'll explain more in the video.

Week 10 - An Invention Of The Mind

Oneness In Sound