The Guru Within

This week's video is much shorter and to the point. Discover with me lessons 43 through 49 in The Course In Miracles

Lesson 48 says, "there is nothing to fear." These simple words are profound when you attempt to remember them throughout the whole day. That is what I attempted one day this week. It fascinated me how many times I caught my brain wanting to make a story about different small moments that would happen throughout the day. My brain kept trying to make stories that painted me as a victim of my situations. This one small lesson (there is nothing to fear) would pop into my mind and wake me up

My ego desires "proof" before it will accept the statement "there is nothing to fear." However, my Spirit already knows this Truth. So the question really is, who will I listen to? My ego? Or my Spirit? My Spirit is a part of God and therefore has absolutely nothing to fear. My ego is nothing. Nothing but an idea of who I think I am. And it is up to each one of us to decide which voice we will listen to on a daily basis.

Enjoy the video. Much love. :)

Week 7 - The Guru Within

Oneness In Sound