The Opposite of Guilt

“If guilt is hell, what is the opposite?” This question was asked of me during this week’s lessons in The Course in Miracles. The answer that this question points toward is quite liberating and has expanded a feeling of Peace deep within my Soul. It is a nice reminder that all I must do is surrender my ego and I will find myself in the presence of God once again. I have never left the presence of God and my At-One-Ment was accomplished at the moment of my creation. All perceptions and ideas of separation are the only thoughts that keep me from this real-eye-zation. 

Lessons 35 through 42 bring focus onto my, and your, Holiness. We are Holy because we are a piece of God walking through this life. It is impossible for us to be separated from that which created us. I didn’t create my body. And, arguably, my parents didn’t create my body (with their egos). I was made in my mother’s womb with the divine guidance of the Universe. I am a creation made in the image of the Creator. 

In the video we dive deeper into these ideas and discuss the holiness that these reminders offer. 

Week 6 - ACIM - The Opposite of Guilt

Oneness In Sound