"I am in the mind of God and God is in my mind. 
I am in the heart of God and God is in my heart."

These words came pouring out of me during the video this week. Lessons 29 through 35 of The Course in Miracles have reminded me of my deep and eternal connection with God (The Universe, All That Is, Source, etc). We use this word "God" to describe the consciousness that is in all forms acting and manifesting as all forms. All things physical have their origin in God. Whether it is a chair, table, tree, human, animal, doesn't matter. All things created have their Source in God because the totality of the Universe is what we label "God."

In this weeks video we discuss how we create stories in our minds about the experiences we have. But what happens if we create a story where we are the victim of our situation/reality? There is good news. At all points of time there is another way to view any situation or piece of our reality. You are not confined to one definition of the world you live in. Therefore, you can change your story at a moments notice. And once you do, the entire reality around you shifts to uphold the new story you tell yourself. There is always a more peaceful story you can tell yourSelf. 

I'll explain more in the video:

Week 5 - ACIM - The Mind of God

Oneness In Sound