I am excited to inform you that I will be leading a meditation at Jai Rhythm Yoga in Ventura, California on Wednesday, March 23rd at 7:30pm. Thank you to my dear friend Rebekah for setting this up. Here is a little blurb about what I have prepared for the meditation.


Heart Centered Transmutation

At the moment of an eclipse, be it lunar or solar, there is a tremendous alignment of energy. And when there is a planetary alignment it serves as a reminder to bring our energy into alignment as well. This aligned energy is like a flowing river. When all the parts are aligned the flow can quicken immensely. Meditation is a tool we utilize to tap into this energy and build coherence in our energetic field. Coherence is the by-product of meditation.

The meditation I have prepared will focus on balancing our yin and yang energies and centering ourselves in the Heart. We will first connect with Mother Earth and then with Father Sky. We will use the infinite ocean of energy that constantly surrounds us to flow through our chakras and clear all that is no longer benefiting us.

A good analogy is to think of the Sun as being directly over head and the Moon as being directly underneath you on the opposite side of the Earth. The Sun energy will flow down through your crown clearing your spine as it leaves through your root for the Earth below. We will then sit within the space of the heart.

At this point you will have a direct experience with what I call “The Peaceful Kingdom Within.” When your energies are cleared and balanced your attention shifts naturally to the peaceful kingdom within. The more time you sit in meditation the more that this inner kingdom expands. And when your inner peaceful kingdom expands fully then it naturally spills over into your external world.

This is the secret of Transmutation:
All external change is a reflection of an established internal change.

I will also spend some time discussing the latest science on the heart’s electromagnetic field. We live in a time where ancient wisdom is being confirmed by modern science. We will talk about what is termed “Merkaba Science.” This information helps to understand the law of attraction and its opposite, the law of repulsion.

I am grateful, humbled and excited to have this opportunity to guide you in meditation. I look forward to meeting you in person.


Head over to www.JaiRhythm.com to sign up now or to find directions. 


oneness in sound