A week full of music

This week was full of playing music! I absolutely love my "job" because it never feels like I have to work. I totally believe in that saying which is, "if you do what you love then you never work a day in your life." This is absolutely true for me. Of course there are days that I feel down but when I get to play music it always makes me feel so alive. I cannot be upset while doing what I love!

For instance, on tuesday of this week I had a rehearsal with Miguel for the show we played on wednesday. I had to be at the rehearsal from 2pm to 9pm. I showed up and there were some technical issues going on so I just sat around doing nothing for a long time. Like a few hours. At one point the bass player Jayme and mySelf got into a conversation about how even though we are just sitting around in rehearsal we are still getting paid to do what we love. There are plenty of jobs in the world where you have to do mindless activities all day that you actually don't enjoy doing just so you can get a paycheck. My job is not like this at all! Even when I am having a "bad day" I still get to play music and travel the world. It is really an amazing deal if you ask me!

Before my rehearsal with Miguel I had a studio session with an artist named Jack Dempsey in the hollywood hills. Check out this piano I got to play on!!

It was so much fun! Every time I get to play an actual piano, versus a keyboard, a whole different side of my personality comes out. The tangible vibrations of the real instrument give me so much more range of emotion to pull from while playing. A keyboard has a more limited range of velocity and therefore emotion.

My buddy Yogi (the guy with the keyboard shirt and yes his actual name is Yogi) was playing guitar on this session. He is such a wonderful human being and one of my favorite musicians to watch play. His skill on the guitar is spectacular! He makes that guitar sing every time he touches it. This is what I love about being a musician, I get to be around so many incredible people who have super powers when it comes to their craft. It humbles me and inspires me. 

The late late show

On Wednesday of this week I got to perform on The Late Late Show with James Cordon with Miguel. It was a really fun performance. We played "Waves" and had about 12 dancers jumping on stage with us. The theme of the performance was "venice beach" so we had everything from skateboarders to contortionists.

One of my favorite moments that happened while at the show was I got to meet Reggie Watts! He is one of my favorite comedians and musicians. At first I didn't want to introduce myself because I don't like to bother any "famous person" that comes across my path. I have been in the music industry for the last 11 years so I have been around many "famous people." But as I was deciding if I was going to introduce myself to Reggie A hummingbird flew up to me. We were on top of the CBS Studios building in Los Angeles and Reggie was sitting at a table just outside my dressing room. So I walked over to him and introduced myself. I told him that I am grateful for his comedy and for how weird he is. I told him that his weirdness gives me permission to embrace my weirdness as well.

He noticed my shirt. I was wearing one of my OnenO shirts with a bunch of sacred geometry all over it. He pointed to my shirt and said, "I love the flower of life." I then showed him the tattoo on my left forearm which is of a Merkaba. We talked about the heart's of electromagnetic energy field for a brief moment. Then Reggie was called to stage. As he stood up to walk inside he asked me, "do you know Drunvalo Melchizedek?" And I said, "yes I have read both of his books on the flower of life." Then Reggie walked towards the studio door. He turned around and said, "I'll see you one the battlefield." I loved this moment.

After the show I got to speak with Reggie one more time. And instead of taking a picture with him he decided to take a selfie on my phone. Check it out.


A little while later it was our time to go play on stage. I always have such a fun time playing with the guys in this band. They are some of the most amazing musicians in the world. They inspire me and push me to be better at my craft. It is always such a fun feeling when we walk to stage and are about to perform. I love the anticipation of the countdown. Then we got our introduction from James Cordon and the lights came up. We had a great time rocking out on stage.

Check out a couple of these screenshots from the performance. And if you want to watch the performance I have put the video down below.


Thanks for reading

I love sharing with you this amazing and crazy life I am living. I want you to see what it is like to be a traveling musician. I get to see some amazing sights and meet some incredible people along the way. Stay tuned for more #OnenOadventures :)

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