One bite at a time.  

When I was young I would become easily overwhelmed when thinking about how to accomplish my goals. My parents would ask me to clean my room and I would procrastinate indefinitely simply because I felt completely overwhelmed with the task. My room was in utter chaos! How could I ever clean this room!? 

My mother gave me such wonderful advice. She said, "do you know how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time." And she would say it in the tone that says, "I know you don't wanna do this but you have to get through it one way or another." 

You see, there is a voice inside that says, "oh I'll get to that later. It's too overwhelming to accomplish now." But the lie you are committing against yourSelf is that you actually won't get to it later. It will still be overwhelming when you think about it later. Is it appropriate to plan ahead to accomplish a goal/ task if you know you don't have the correct amount of time presently? Yes, of course. The difference is that when you are procrastinating you won't want to come back to the topic and accomplish the goal. You avoid the topic and push it indefinitely into 'tomorrow'.

so how do I get started?  

No great task is ever accomplished all at once. As long as we are in this "3rd dimension" we will have to take "time" to accomplish our goals. Meaning our manifestation process will be spread across several days. Sometimes weeks. Sometimes years. Sometimes a whole human lifetime. And sometimes throughout multiple lifetimes. We have goals on all of these levels. There is also a level where we manifest instantaneously. But let's focus on the level where it's gonna take several days or weeks to accomplish a goal. 

1. Stay on focus

Know what your goal is and take ANY ACTION towards accomplishing a portion of this goal. Any action towards the goal is acceptable and encouraged. And I suggest, start with what excites you the most. And if the task at hand doesn't seem so "exciting" then view it as necessary in order to accomplish the end goal.

Push through it. It's preferable if you can dance your way through. Maybe even put on some good music while you're at it. But the point is, just do it. Stay focused on your end goal and take any action towards manifesting that goal. That's what it means to take your first bite. Just keep eating.  

2. Don't bite off more than you can chew

Portion control :)

Stay present with each step of the process; with each bite. And don't rush to swallow it down prematurely without fully chewing. When you chew you actually get to taste all the flavors of what you are presently eating. But if you just rush to swallowing you can basically make the tasting part of chewing subconscious. You aren't staying present with the flavors.  

In the same way stay present with each step of manifesting your goal. See each step as vitally important. There is no step, from beginning to end, that is more important than another step. Think of building a giant brick wall (I don't know why you would want to but go with me on the analogy!). You must lay each brick one at a time. When you are finished, can you say that one brick is more important than any other brick? No you cannot. They are all equally important to the end goal. If you stay present with each brick then you know the integrity of your finished wall is whole and complete. There will be no doubts. 

3. Tell yourself you are doing great! 

Don't be afraid to take breaks when you have been working hard and putting in time to manifest your goal. If you do not love yourSelf along the way then you will end up sick and depleted while walking the path to your manifested goal. Adopt any practice of Self care - like meditation, yoga, walking, dancing, singing, painting, swimming, hiking, climbing, writing, breathing, resting, creating.... (need I go on?). When Self care is a part of your daily process then you will arrive soundly at your manifested goal with full health and exuberance in tact. 

Don't be afraid

The task won't kill you. Instead, kill the task. You are a mental warrior. Adopt a warrior's mind and manifest with discipline, agility and determination.  

By the way, don't be a dick and actually eat an elephant. It's a metaphor, silly!


Oneness in sound