I have said many times that I don't see meditation as a visualization practice.  But if you hangout with me long enough you will hear endless stories about the changes that have taken place in my life that I attribute to my meditation practice. So what's the deal? Do I use meditation to achieve my goals? Do I use meditation to send my desires out into the Universe?

In short, the answer is no. I used to attempt this process before I had much experience in my meditation practice. There was a point, somewhere around 2 years in, where I became so "confused" with the purpose of meditation that I simply gave up trying to predict what I "should be experiencing" in meditation and simply chose to continue my practice with the view of doing absolutely nothing but sit and breathe. Turns out that this very action is what is described as "surrender." I stopped trying to manifest a certain situation through meditation. I stopped trying to get things through meditation. I even stopped trying to "have no thoughts" in meditation as that was a concept I couldn't even wrap my brain around at the time. I simply chose to maintain my meditation practice with "no goal in mind" and see what happened. 

Paradoxically, the results of this new perspective began to show up in my life in the most peculiar of ways. I began to notice that because I wasn't attempting to achieve any certain state or outcome via meditation that I was actually meditating deeper than ever. I would come out of my 15 minutes of meditation feeling more relaxed and refreshed. And with all of this new energy bubbling around inside of me I was becoming even more creative. I had more energy to be able to manifest not only my desires but I was able to manifest my way out of some heavy situations. Manifesting isn't just about creating your dreams here on earth. Sometimes manifesting is about getting yourself through and out of a sticky scenario.

I am a musician and I pull from the infinite Source of creativity that is within my being to write my music. I have been learning and playing for almost 25 years now. Needless to say that my brain is always tossing and turning with rhythms, melody ideas, lyrical concepts, and new chord progressions. It seems paradoxical to me that if I want to find inspiration for music that I should sit in silence. But this is precisely what I do now. Because it is only after my brain is the most still that I can begin to hear the faintest tones of a melody within my mind-space. If the waters of my mind are choppy then it is very difficult to make out the tiny melody. But if the waters are still then the melody effortlessly floats into my awareness. Then it is as if I have only a brief amount of time to capture this melody and create a song with it. If my mind falls out of coherence then so does the melody. 


About three years ago I went out to Sedona, AZ. First of all, if you have never been here you absolutely MUST go! It is by far one of the most beautiful and magical places on our lovely planet. My girlfriend at the time and myself were walking up on top of this huge mountain. It was only about a 45 minute hike up to the plateau and we spent about an hour and a half exploring the flat surface of this mountain. The view was spectacular and we remained speechless due to the stunning view of the valley around us. Birds were flying below us and they looked like little flies swaying back and forth. 

Suddenly during this hike I began to be inspired internally with a rhythm and melody. I get these spontaneous jolts of creativity often. However, on this occasion I heard the idea within with such clarity that I thought deeper into how this was possible. I realized that because of how quiet my surroundings were I could hear the inspiration within with abnormal clarity. You see, when I am sitting in some studio in the middle of Los Angeles it can be hard to hear the inspiration within due to the excessive amount of stimulation that goes on at all moments of every day. If I don't make time to find silence then I will never experience it. Silence happens naturally when I am out in nature and disconnected from high amount of technology. But when I am in my usual grind in Los Angeles I put in extra effort to create silence in my day so that I can find the Peaceful Kingdom Within. 

I find that when I sit for 15 minutes in meditation I am refueled and ready to move forward into whatever excitement may come my way on that day. Whether it is creating a new song, working on my blog or washing the dishes in my kitchen. When I bring a meditative mind into all activities of my life that is when I notice the most transformation taking place.

So if you are wanting to manifest a desire into your experience, first sit in silence. You do not need to use meditation as a form of "goal setting" or some sort of "visualization practice." The only reason you do this is because you think the Universe pays a little more attention to you when you "get serious" and bring your desires into meditation. But, you see, the Universe is conscious and ALWAYS listening. And in fact if you are not experiencing your desires already it is most likely due to you not being in vibrational harmony with them. In other words, you are subconsciously blocking your desires. Meditation becomes even more helpful then because, by becoming silent and stilling your mind, you fall back in to your highest vibrational state which is naturally in alignment with all desires you could possibly want to manifest into your experience. 

So find silence and allow it deep within. Bring it into your core. And allow it to transform you into the stillest version of you. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. And then take this refreshed state of consciousness with you as you move throughout your day. 

More later,

oneness in sound