I find that there are many ways to stay present in the moment. I also notice there is a side of my brain that wants to turn everything into a catastrophe. However, if I can catch myself moments before I tell myself a story about how hard or difficult something is then the real crisis can be averted; the crisis of self deception. And the way that I catch myself is by maintaining awareness of my breath all throughout the day. 

Now don't get me wrong, I don't literally notice every single breath I take throughout the day. But this is not my goal. My goal is simply to notice when I am NOT breathing. And when I do, I take a deep breath and come back into my breath. I find that when I become absorbed in certain activities I have a tendency to lose awareness of my breath. 

i do not enjoy washing the dishes. But as a single man living on my own it is important to maintain a clean kitchen otherwise it can get out of control quickly! So when I engage in an activity that I don't enjoy I make it a priority to turn it into some form of a moving meditation. I do not "spiritualize" the process. In fact I do the opposite. I use my breath and meditative awareness to stay present even in the face of my inward thoughts yelling at me to "stop" or "don't begin cleaning the dishes, do something else."

When I am focused on my breath I don't have to "think" about my activity. I just simply DO the activity. And in a dimension where behavior and action are a form of currency, the effects of hunkering down and accomplishing a goal can be exponential. 

Yoga is an activity that I enjoy for many, many reasons, one of which is it helps to build my awareness of my breath. That's it. That is what yoga is for. It builds a deeper connection between me and my breath. When I am holding a stressful pose, I tell my ego to go ahead and give up. Just give up. And I give mySelf to my breath. I notice that my breath is what is actually giving me strength. Strength never comes FROM my ego. Strength comes from the breath. From Prana. Infinite Energy. And when I learn to breath consciously under these "stressful" poses I learn how to be more calm when in the face of adversity. I don't need to react to externally stressful situations. I simply give up and come back to mySelf. This is my version of "surrender." I surrender myself unto the situation at hand, take a deep breath and push on forward in whatever direction I can. 

So next time you find yourself procrastinating over anything ask yourSelf, "what am I afraid of?" When you realize that your fear is hollow then perhaps it will give you just enough energy to find your breath and move through the activity. Because on the other side of this activity that you are afraid of is a reward unlike any other; manifesting your dreams and taking control of your reality. Embodying the master manifester that you are. Even if that means manifesting a clean kitchen. 


More later. 

Oneness in Sound