A YouTube Meditation

Happy 12/12!

To those of you I had the pleasure of seeing at my concert in Los Angeles last week @ Bar 20, thank you so much for coming out!! I had an absolute blast playing my new music for you. 

This week I filmed my first guided meditation video. I am starting simple by teaching a 12 breath meditation.

The idea is that sometimes I forget to set aside a full 15/20 minutes to meditate and thus my tendency is to procrastinate meditating. I use the 12 breath meditation as a means of tapping in spontaneously. I believe it is more important to meditate everyday than it is to get caught up in how many minutes I've spent meditating. Keeping a consistent meditation practice has opened up my life in countless ways. I'll tell you all about the benefits of meditation in a future video. 

12 Breath Meditation Introduction

12 Breath Guided Meditation Experience

I would love your feedback. Please let me know about your experience so I can improve as I make more and more meditation videos for you!

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!

Oneness in Sound