The Great Eastern Sun
A Guided Meditation

Happy New Year!! 2017 is upon us. This is a time to begin new habits and choose new paths which will take us to our highest expansion and joy. We begin to eat new foods, wear new clothes and use new vocabulary. We deepen our strongest connections and also make room for new relationships to occur. We change our behavior to find a new result in this marvelous world around us. It truly is a beautiful time to be a Human Being upon planet Earth. 

Welcome to week number 1 for #MeditationMonday! Starting today, the first Monday of 2017, each week I will upload a new guided meditation to youtube as well as my blog. I send email notifications to those that are subscribed to my email list. I make videos during the week about spirituality, philosophy, symbolism, mythology, current social events and many other topics. But each Monday starting now, in 2017, I will upload a new guided meditation. 

This meditation is designed to be experienced by you today and then done again on your own anytime you feel like you need more energy, more peace, more clarity, more endurance, more strength, more joy, happiness and abundance. The end result of this meditation will leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated, peaceful and ready to attack your goals like the warrior that you are

Peace to you in this new year! May you have a happy 2017!

#MeditationMonday - 1.0
The Great Eastern Sun

Oneness In Sound