Healing The Heart

The winter solstice is upon us! The precise date of this solar event is December 21. For a period of three days we will experience the shortest amount of daylight in the year. It is a time when we focus on letting go of the parts of us that are frozen and a celebration of the Light to come! It is with a sense of gratitude that we end this year of 2016 and begin to make the space for 2017 to arrive. The intensions we set over the next several weeks will become manifest in the next period of growth as we move toward the summer solstice

I designed a 15 minute meditation with these thoughts in mind. There are two videos below. First, a video intro breaking down what we will do during the meditation. Second, the guided meditation video. 

As always, I love to hear feedback from you so don't be shy to share your experience with me. 

Happy winter solstice!!

Intro Video

Winter Solstice - Healing The Heart Meditation

Oneness In Sound