Happy Thanksgiving!!

How are you feeling?
Are you breathing easy?
Do you remember that you are connected to the Infinite intelligence which creates galaxies!?

This time of the year is especially challenging to remain in a peaceful and balanced state. However, to the yogi, this time of year is when we focus our intensions and face the storm as it approaches.

Five years ago was the first in my life that the christmas season felt very hollow and tumultuous. Life became uncomfortable. My strongest sources of identity crumbled around me and I was left with nothing solid to hold on to. This was a huge blessing! Only, I didn't realize it yet. 

Needless to say, the holidays are a hard time for me. And I seem to hear this echoed throughout people in parts of my community. So, what are we gonna do about it?

The yogi becomes active in the face of adversity. However, the yogi NEVER loses awareness of his breath. Any action which compromises the breath is not worthy of the yogi's attention. It is with a deep awareness of his/her own breath that the yogi receives their power to effect change in the world around them. 

Now, when the holidays are upon me, I focus with more intension to show myself compassion and unconditional love. I know that when I am happy on the inside then I become empowered with the ability to share that love and energy with those around me. 

I invite you to spend ten minutes with me in this video. I want to remind you about how powerful you are. I want to remind you that Trump and Hillary are not important enough for you to lose your Inner Peace. I want to share the stillness of my backyard with you. Oh yeah, don't mind my neighbor's barking dog :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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