What is the Merkaba?

Today we talk about the symbol called the "MERKABA." It is an ancient symbol which describes the Nature of our ENERGY. When our "yin energy" and "yang energy" are in balance, then we find coherence. How can we expect to traverse the universe cleanly if our energy is out of balance? It is only when we balance our "poles" of energy that we are free to move cleanly through our lives. We become powerful manifestors and co-creators in the World. Once balanced, our simple words begin to have a huge affect on the Reality around us.

The history of this symbol is deep. I have kept this video to a short 7 minutes! I cannot cover all the aspects of this symbol in 7 minutes so please feel free to leave me a comment with any more questions about this symbol. 

Enjoy the video!

Symbolism 101: MERKABA

Oneness In Sound