Heaven And Earth Meditation

When: November 15th @ 7pm PST.
Where: www.iamOnenO.com/live
Cost: Free

Happy Full Moon Everyone!

Are you balanced?
Does your life feel a bit chaotic right now?
When was the last time you sat still for 15 minutes and focused on your breath?

During the time of the month when the moon is full there is so much energy stretching your consciousness in several directions at once. This can create quite a bit of discomfort in someone who isn’t totally balanced and coherent. The practice of meditation is perfect for those who feel a bit stressed during these heightened times. 

Think of it this way… For a river to flow quickly there needs to be as little “curves” for the path of the water as possible. If the water way if quite “curvy” then the flow must slow down to accommodate the path. However, if the water way is straightened and aligned then the flow can speed up tremendously. This is precisely what the practice of meditation helps to do with our energy. When we sit with a tall spine and focus on breathing for a short period of time we are removing all blockages from the flow of the Infinite River of Intelligence that is always moving through us. When we are fully aligned every type of illness reverts to it’s natural state: total health

So whether you need physical healing or mental healing, meditation is the tool to help you get there. Any change you wish to see in the external world must first take place in the world within you. 

Change your Spirit, change your experience.

This live stream guided meditation will consist of three parts. 

First, we will transition into the meditative state by using traditional yoga Pranayama (breath control). By focusing on your breath intentionally you will still your mind and transition fully into a meditative state. 

Second, we will balance the two major “poles” of energy; that being the energy of the Earth and the energy of the Heavens. Mythology has personified the Earth as the Divine Feminine and the Sky (or Heavens) as the Divine Masculine. You are the bridge between the two; the Divine Child. We will use meditation to help balance these two “poles” of energy. 

Third, and last, we will experience several minutes of silent meditation. After transitioning so deeply into the meditative state, the goal is to remain submerged in that stillness as long as possible to fully receive the benefits of meditation. We use Pranayama and Meditation as a tool for stilling the mind and once the mind is still then we relax into that space. After several minutes of silent meditation I will call us out and we will come back with eyes opened feeling deeply refreshed and coherent.

This meditation is one that I have been using for the past 18 months and I find it to be quite helpful and transformative. I am grateful to share it with you. The meditation is free. Donations are accepted through YouTube as well as my website at www.iamOnenO.com/donations.

Thank you and I will see you on the live stream guided meditation!

Oneness In Sound