How To See Miracles

The Course is very clear about how to see miracles; we must look toward the Light. The problem is not that "miracles don't exist," the problem is our denial of them and our habitual choice to focus on the suffering in our lives. In lesson 91 we read "the miracle is always there." However, if we are constantly focused on the darkness in our lives, how will we see the presence of the Light? If we are looking at the darkness around us then we are not looking at the Light.

Don't let the metaphor sound to deep. It is very simple. If we are focused on our grievances then we will never focus on what is beyond them. What is beyond them? Freedom through forgiveness. We must forgive our Brothers and Sisters, and we must forgive ourselves. Then we are ready to let go of our grievances and remember our healed reality. Which, according to the Course, has never been absent. It is only our awareness that has shifted away from The Miracle

Week 13 - How To See Miracles

Oneness In Sound