One Problem / One Solution

In the Course In Miracles workbook we are discovering that there is only "one problem" in existence and therefore it only requires one solution. This "one problem" is the source of the infinite problems we perceive when we look upon the world. What is this "one problem?" It is the illusion of separation

The text describes that we already have the solution to this "problem" therefore we should be feeling happy and secure; understanding our Oneness with the whole universe. The solution is the Holy Spirit, the very presence of God within. The inner sanctuary where the Lord of Heaven resides. Simply put, it is the sudden realization that you have never been - can never be - separated from the infinite Source of Love. In whatever form an issue may appear in the external world, the internal problem is always the same: we have somehow cut ourselves off from our Loving Source. 

Our natural state in the eyes of God is totally healed and whole. Anytime we have illness or are in need of healing we must recognize it is us who has turned our back of the infinite Source of healing. Not the other way around. 

Today we talk briefly about how to remember who and what we are in this whole scheme called Life. When we remember what our true function is then the natural byproduct will be happiness and fulfillment. This fulfillment comes when we extend our forgiveness to those around us. It is only when we extend forgiveness that we can receive it. Thus, we give and receive the "one solution."

Week 12 - One Problem / One Solution

Oneness In Sound